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Welcome to my Profile! :)

Feel free to click my party whenever! I really appreciate it!


Kilala97Contest2: Up in the Clouds by Spectaculater
Kilala97Contest2: Up in the Clouds
Here's my second entry for kilala97's contest! Thanks for all of the support guys, I wish you all the best of luck!
(Unfortunately, my painting job on this one has really discouraged me from finishing the background. They're meant to be on clouds with the moon in the background.)
Also, HEADCANON TIME! I think that Illusion and Nidra would probably hang out and goof off less as they get older and start to handle more royal responsibilities, but they do make an effort to relax with each other. I'd think that Nidra and Illusion would love playing pranks on the royal guard - especially Fletcher, who I'd think would know it's all in good fun.

So here we go, wish me luck guys!

Nidra: Haha, Illusion, that was such a blast! I haven't had this much fun in a while! Did you see the look on his face?

Lulu: Haha, for sure! We need to do this more often, Nidra!

Nidra: Yeah, but you're always so busy. If it's not some silly royal stuff, it's something in Ponyville.

Lulu: Hey, I have responsibilities, and soon you will too.

Nidra: But what if I'm not ready? Being a Royal is like second nature for you, Illusion. You can run around all of Equestria, but you're always you. And I'm always here. It gets real boring without you. My pranks are all going stale - the Guards know all my moves!

Lulu: Nidra, you know Ma and Aunt Luna wouldn't make you do something if they knew you couldn't handle it.

Nidra: I'd rather not talk about this, Illusion.

Lulu: Why n- Well what do you want to about?

Nidra: How are you and Claire?

Lulu: We're great. Are you sure you don't want to-

Nidra: -Yes....


Nidra: Geez, night's over already?!

Lulu: *Yawns* Nidra, we should head to bed.

Nidra: Okay.

Lulu: Hey, you do know that you can talk to me about whatever, right? You're like the little sister I never had.

Nidra: Duh, Illusion. We really need to hang out more.

Lulu: *Yawns* Yeah. G'night Nidra, love you.

Nidra: Love you too.
Kilala97Contest1: Some Funny Advice by Spectaculater
Kilala97Contest1: Some Funny Advice
My first submission to kilala97 's contest! Good luck to all of you guys joining in!

I'd think Cheese would relate to his son trying to fit in, but he probably thinks he's going about it the wrong way.

Here we go!

Cheese: Heya Parry, how was your stay at Ponyville?

Parry: Eh, it was alright. I wish I could visit more often, I love visiting Fairy- I mean Cotton Candy.

Cheese: Oh? That's it?

Parry: She has other friends, and I guess we get along (not really). *sigh* Well Dad, I'm just not so good at making friends... or fitting in.

Cheese: Aw Parry, just crack a joke and make 'em laugh! Trust me, they'll start warming up to you real fast!

Parry: But they don't think I'm funny! C-Cotton Candy's told me that I can be too harsh, but I just think they should lighten up, ya know? Well, probably not, seeing as you're one of the bestest party ponies in Equestria and all. Plus you and Miss Pinkie are always in sync.

Cheese: Actually, Parry, it wasn't always like that.

Parry: What do you mean?

Cheese: I mean I used to be super shy - I couldn't bring myself to talk to anypony, ever. 

Parry: *le shock* Wh-

Cheese: But one day I traveled to Ponyville, and there I met Pinkie Pie. She inspired me to be the pony I am today! But guess what, Parry?

Parry: Chicken Butt?

Cheese: The only reason I was able to come out of my shell was because Pinkie made me realize that I could be myself and be happy!

Parry: So what you're saying is-

Cheese: -be yourself! Ponies who want to be your friends will come to you when you act like you.

Parry: Well, I suppose-

Cheese: -That it wouldn't hurt to try?

Parry: Yeah. Thanks Dad!
I can't believe this is really happening!

Pokemon X and Y are supossed to come out this October!
(what about Gen III remakes?)
this is gonna be sooo awesome! Thinking of picking either the fire type of the grass type!

look at them!…

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